Brigitte Rennie didn’t choose to be a Celebrant.

It chose her.


Erin & Luke

Luke and I would like to thank Brigitte from the bottom of our hearts for the truly amazing job she did as our celebrant.

Her warmth and presence made the service feel so personable and heart felt.

She shared our stories through the use of humour and joy. Everyone was either laughing or crying with happiness.

She has now become a life long friend. 

We cannot thank her enough for making our day so special and would recommend Brigitte to anyone looking for a marriage celebrant who is genuine and presents themselves with confidence.

Erin Fleming

Margaret & Graeme

Most couples getting married will say that they were waiting for the right one to come along. In our case the right one we were waiting for was Brigitte. We had lived together for 32 years and could never face the idea of a church wedding as we have no religious sensibilities, nor the municipal, unromantic awfulness of the ‘Registry Office.’ Once we had Brigitte as our celebrant it was plain sailing. She married us in our own garden with our friends and family gathered around. She helped us with the vows we wanted to make to each other, stripped of supernatural supplications. Thanks to her skill and care we had a truly bespoke ceremony, which was what we had hoped for but never thought possible.

She was the perfect Master/Mistress of Ceremony. welcoming and attending to the guests both before and after the ceremony. Everyone who attended commented to us afterwards how marvellous she was and how personal and unique she had made the occasion.

Her husband even took care of the wedding photos with consummate skill and attention. If you want your wedding to be a class act, it’s good to book one as your celebrant. She is what you need if you want your wedding to be all about you.

Graeme Davies


Holly & Guy Severs

Guy & Holly’s Wedding

We organised Holly & Guys ceremony via FaceTime from Dubai!

The wedding was relaxed, fun, warm and unique and the bridal party looked stunning.

Holly wrote, “Everyone said how perfectly you suited us as a couple and made the ceremony so personal.” 


Brigitte Rennie didn’t choose to be a marriage celebrant.

It chose her.

“My husband Keith and I worked in the eastern states on a two year contract some years ago . We worked closely with a beautiful young woman named Erin and got to know her lovely partner, Luke. A few years later I was contacted by Erin and Luke who asked me to marry them. They told me they couldn’t think of any one else that they would rather have more to do this. My first reaction was, “Really?” followed quickly by “Wow! What an honour” followed by “But you’re still in Sydney and I’ve returned to the UK?”

This did not deter the the above mentioned couple and the result was a joyful, magnificent and very musical wedding on a wedding barge in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Brigitte was then asked again, but this time a little closer to home by another beautiful (slightly older) couple, Graeme and Margaret, who decided that after 32 years perhaps it was time to get married. They asked Brigitte to conduct the ceremony in their garden. The day was once again, joyful, magnificent and very musical.

Celebrants come from all walks of life and there is no set rule or pattern to it.

Brigitte comes from a teaching, writing and performance background. An excellent public speaker and script writer. She has the ability to create perfect bespoke ceremonies with the added benefit of being extremely at ease speaking to both small and large groups.  A skill that she is happy to share. She has only one stipulation. “I insist that the day is fun”.

“Most of my professional life has been about discovering and translating my own uniqueness in a public way.  Creating the perfect ceremony is essentially the same thing. It’s about finding the uniqueness in the people involved. What makes them special? Why do their friends and family love them? Why do they love each other and what makes them laugh?”

It’s your celebration, not just another celebration.


I will return your call or reply to your enquiry as soon as possible. If I am abroad or in Australia I will let you know below and then it’s best to email!

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