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  • Naming Ceremonies

     A naming ceremony can be a special way to celebrate the birth of your child, welcome an adoptive child or embrace stepchildren into your family. … The ceremonies are not just for babies; children of any age can have a ceremony and you may wish to include your other children as well as your new child.

A ceremony usually lasts around 30 minutes. During the ceremony a Souvenir record of the ceremony is signed by parents, supporting adults and the Celebrant and many people like to include an additional “gift” such as; planting a tree, a photo board, an astrological chart or a time capsule.  It’s whatever you want to make this day unique and special.

  • Wedding/Commitment Ceremonies

First thing I would like you to do is read the list below. Take your time. Choose which ceremony best describes  you and what you’re looking for. Then and only then, go past the image of happy people and continue reading.


Traditional with a twist 

Hand Fasting “tying the knot”


Renewal of vows

Gay/Gender Neutral 

OK. Now, ask yourself this:

  1. Do you believe that being in love is fantastic?
  2. Don’t you think that you should celebrate that by having the best day possible, full of joy, laughter and [ please insert ]?
  3. Have you questioned yourself, playing devils advocate , such as;  Why should I wear white? Why should we have a wedding entourage? Do we have walk down an isle? Etcetera.

Once you have given these things a thought  then we can really start to put together the best day possible. A day about you and your partner. A day that will be unique. What do you think?

Let’s have a conversation.

PS. Believe me -kissing the celebrant is purely optional